Welcome to the NEW Online Fantasy Football Manager!

This site is an extension of my Office Football Pool: the idea is to have a very simple, configurable, flexible, and most of all easy-to-use online fantasy football manager program.

The advantage of this system is that it's an ONLINE system. You can check out how your team is doing real-time on Sunday. All the scores are calculated for you automatically according to your rules.

You can set up your Fantasy Football League right now, right away. Go ahead and experiment with it, go through a test draft, try to run it through some stats from last year (or preseason when we get there). You can always reset it right before the season starts. You can use the system for free up through the first 3 weeks of the regular season. After that the cost is only $19.95 for the entire league/season - that's the out-the-door price for the whole year. There's no obligation to try out the system - if it doesn't work out for you, just leave your league hanging there - eventually I'll get around to cleaning out the database of any leagues that aren't signed up.

 Add New League   Modify League   Add Team   Manage Team 

Once you sign up for the system, you get your own Personal Page. That's your own personal web page you can update during the season. You can put your own comments, announcements, etc on that page. It also is hard-coded to your pool so your team owners don't need to put in the league name or ID. It goes straight to your league. Sign up as soon as you can because I'm not sure what the limit will be on the number of leagues I can host. Plus, if you sign up early, you can get your page all set up.

Early-Bird Special If you sign up for your league by August 20, you get the league for the entire year for just $14.95! Sign up here:

Please send suggestions for improvements, or requests for enhancements, to craigh01@gmail.com. Since I'm just starting out on this, simple enhancements that could be used by other leagues may (or not) be free. Enhancements/changes to the system that are probably specific to your league can also be done at a very reasonable price.

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